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About Us

Corporate Responsibility

(formerly Fenestration Vitrerie Experts Inc.) is a socially responsible business that provides ethically manufactured products designed for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Environmental Commitment

Our devotion to environmental conservation is demonstrated by our commitment to offering products made exclusively by companies that prioritize green manufacturing and disposal processes. Moreover, the products we select are specifically designed for longevity and energy efficiency.

Support for Canadian Businesses

Over 90% of the products we distribute are made and manufactured in Canada by Canadian owned and operated businesses. ’s support for Canadian businesses and manufacturers contributes to the enrichment of our local communities and directly impacts our economy in positive ways. By providing Canadian made products we also ensure that high labour and health & safety standards are employed in the manufacturing process of our products and that our carbon footprint is kept at its minimum.


We are proud to support the local community we live and work in.

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