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offer a wide selection of quality doors, each of which incorporates superior design and craftsmanship. Offering limitless customization possibilities, we help you envision and create the unique shape, size, material, configuration and finish of your desired door system. Visit our Montreal showroom for the finest selection of exterior doors.

All of our doors can be paired with sidelights, transoms and grilles or simulated divided lights to provide visual emphasis, additional light, ventilation and visibility. Simply put, whatever your unique door requirements may be, we have the solution for you.

Our door experts provide all types of door installation and replacement for all designs of exterior doors in the greater Montreal area including Laval, North shore and the South shore for residential homes.

Tips & added value – Sidelights and Transoms

A sidelight is a window located adjacent to a doorway, on either one or both sides of the door. By contrast, a transom is a window located above a doorway. Both sidelights and transoms can be either fixed or venting and paired with simulated divided lights.

Tips & added value – Grilles and Simulated Divided Lights (SDL)

Simulated divided lights add an additional design feature to your door. Vertical and horizontal bars in your choice of pattern, profile and material are securely bonded to the exterior and interior surface of a sealed glass unit to simulate the appearance of a true divided light, where vertical and horizontal bars separate and hold panels of glass in a grid like pattern.

Door Styles

Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors Icon

A bifold door is a door unit that has several sections, folding in pairs. When closed, bifold doors offer privacy and protection while still allowing for spectacular views. When open, bifold doors virtually disappear, offering a seamless transition from interior to exterior space.

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Entry Doors (or entrance doors)

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We offer entry doors (entrance doors) that are available in a variety of materials, configurations, finishes and styles. The entrance to your home is the first and last thing you will see as you go about your daily routine. Whether you’re looking for superior design and craftsmanship, security or energy efficiency we have the solution for you.

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Lift and Slide Doors

Lift & Slide Doors Icon

Lift and slide doors glide on floor-mounted tracks, allowing expansive glass panels to be carried effortlessly for easy operation. Lift and slide doors combine the latest advancements in technology with modern design.

  • Lift and slide doors are an ideal energy-efficient addition to your home, and can be fitted into an existing home, or incorporated into a new home construction project.
  • Exterior lift and slide doors create breathtaking panoramic views as they completely disappear when you retract the panels. They are completely secure and energy-efficient.

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Patio Doors

Patio Doors Icon

A patio door is a large glass door that functions like a moving window, sliding open to let the outside in. Patio doors are available with or without a screen.

  • Sliding patio doors have a narrow frame profile, offering a maximum viewing area.
  • French patio doors have wider stiles and a taller bottom rail to simulate the elegance a traditional French door.

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Terrace Doors

Terrace Doors Icon

A terrace door consists of a matching pair of doorframes around one or more glass panels. Exterior terrace doors can accentuate the passage between two rooms or they can create a smooth transition between interior and exterior spaces.

Swinging terrace doors (or swinging doors) offer a unique design from traditional hinged doors. Our swinging doors are available in a multitude of styles.

A French terrace door is hinged on the outside to allow both doors to operate from the middle.

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Steel Doors

Steel doors provide an excellent option to wood doors. They provide an extra level of home security and are designed to conserve heat in the winter while ventilating during the summer months. All of our steel doors can be painted to coordinate with any home colour scheme and offer the home owner an added level of savings on their energy bill.

22 Gauge Steel Doors

Our 22 gauge steel doors are one of the more cost-effective door options available to the home owner. They are more durable than their counterparts with the added benefit that they never crack or warp, and can easily be re-painted if the owner decides to re-decorate.

24 Gauge Steel Doors

A 24 gauge steel door is slightly thinner than its 22 gauge big brother, but offers the same weather resistance and similar durability. They are also available with a wide selection of veneers to compliment your home.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors provide style, durability and are easy to maintain, do not rust, and they provide excellent weatherproof qualities. They offer comparable security to steel doors and like steel, aluminum does not crack or warp, and if they are dented or damaged they can be easily repaired by simply pulling out the dent.

Custom Doors

We proudly provide a fully bespoke custom door service so that you can design exterior doors of your dreams. Our experts will work with you to realize your design by helping you select the type of wood, the architectural composition and the installation logistics of all of your doors. All of our stylishly designed and beautifully crafted custom doors also provide the same energy efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling bills. If you are currently re-modelling your home, or are finishing your new build, our fully custom doors will be the perfect touch to make your home stand out from the rest.

Exterior Wood Doors

Our selection of exterior door options is only limited by your imagination. We proudly offer a wide variety of types of wood doors so that you can select the perfect design aesthetic for your renovation or new build home. Your exterior is the first thing your guests will notice when they arrive and you can choose from modern, traditional to classical.

You have your choice of several different types of wood that offer a variety of grains and creative options so that you can fully realize your exterior design concepts.

Custom Exterior Doors

If you don’t see what you are looking for in our showroom, that doesn’t mean we can’t make it happen. We proudly offer a fully custom door service, so you can choose from our hand-picked selection of woods and work with our expert design team to create your own custom doors that will not only stand out from the crowd, but also greatly increase the value of your property.


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