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Bifold Doors

Open views to complete tranquility with folding doors

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Bifold doors are door units that have several sections, folding in pairs. The panels stack to the exterior maximizing interior floor space. When open, those doors virtually disappear, offering unobstructed views and seamless transition from interior and exterior spaces. When closed, they offer privacy and protection while still allowing for spectacular views.

These doors run along a track and seamlessly fold away and essentially disappear. This creates a spectacular transition from the indoors to the fresh air of a beautiful spring day. Like all of our doors, folding doors offer the homeowner an energy-efficient solution while also being available in several design options.

Opening to a world of tranquility with a folding door
Bifold Doors Photo, Porto Windows and Doors

Bifold doors have served a wide range of applications in homes over the years being used in homes as closet doors, doors that open to the exterior and at times bathroom doors. They do not take up a lot of room when you opened and they maximize the amount of usable space inside the a room (particularly in the case of closets).

A more modern trend has been to install those doors that lead from your house to your deck or backyard to add a luxurious, expansive feel to your living space. Below, is a list of the many benefits you can enjoy from installing folding doors.

Maximize Natural Light

One of the most popular reasons why people install these types of doors in their living spaces has to do with the amount of natural light they let in. They create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space. As they are also tall and wide, they can span the entire length of a wall for optimizing the amount of light they let in.


Bifold doors are incredibly compact and do not take up a lot of space when they are open. They fold back on themselves, instead of opening into the as traditional doors typically do.

Feel More Secure

Folding doors typically have multiple locking points along their track. They offer more security compared to traditional sliding doors that only have one point where they lock.

Fuse the Outdoors with the Indoors

Bifold doors allow you to enjoy the pleasure and beauty of the outdoors while staying comfortable inside your home. You can enjoy stunning views of your garden and backyard along with the natural light these doors will let shine in.

Bifold Doors Photo, Porto Windows and Doors

There are endless customization options when it comes to bifold doors. You can essentially open an entire wall to the outdoors to almost any width limited only by the frame of the surrounding wall.

When comparing folding doors to a sliding door or normal patio door that can only open at one width, bi fold doors are much more versatile and flexible in their design. They give you endless home decorating options and help bring the wonders of nature to your indoor space.

Low Maintenance

There are typically not a lot of after sales service and repairs that accompany folding doors. Usually, all they require is periodic cleaning of the glass panes.

Look Sophisticated

Bifold doors are pleasing to the eye and give the exterior and interior of your home a modern up to date look. At you can select from several different designs, materials and colors to match your home’s existing decor, or choose a more customized color bi fold door frame to add a splash of color to the look of your home.

Find excellent choices from our collection of folding doors at our showroom, and let Porto Windows and Doors help you create a look for your home that is truly unique.



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