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Terrace Doors

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A terrace door consists of a matching pair of doorframes around one or more glass panels. Terrace doors can accentuate the passage between two rooms or they can create a smooth transition between interior and exterior spaces. Whether open or closed, terrace doors provide open views and add style to function.

Swinging Terrace Doors

A swinging terrace door is hinged in the middle to allow for one panel to be fixed while the other remains operable.

Our swinging terrace doors (or swinging doors) offer a unique design from traditional hinged doors. Our swinging doors are available in a multitude of styles ranging from traditional, modern and classical and in a variety of materials. Our design team can work with you to find the perfect design option and choose from one of our many beautiful swinging door designs.

French Terrace Doors Photo, Porto Windows and Doors

French Terrace Doors

Unlike a swinging terrace door, the French terrace door system is hinged on the outside to allow both doors to operate from the middle.


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