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Deadbolt Locks & Latches

A well-crafted deadbolt will bring security, peace of mind and add extra security to your home. At , you will be able to learn the subtle differences of what make distinguish an average quality deadbolt versus its premium counterpart.

We carry a range of options that will meet the dimensional and stylistic requirements of your specific door and frame and all of our inventory are suitable for both exterior and interior usage.

Enhance Security in Style

Visiting our store will help you better gauge the surprisingly many options available to you when considering the purchase of a high-quality deadbolt. Not only are we able to demonstrate what distinguishes our selection from the rest, but we are able to explain how these locks and latches work to keep your home safe. Whether you need a lock, a latch or an electronically controlled option, getting you paired with the best deadbolts for your home or office is our priority.

Strength in Design

The popularity of the deadbolt lock stems from its design and its strength. They permit the occupants of a room to exercise greater control over entry and secured exit.

This device, usually a thick bolt composed of steel, closes to extend firmly between a door jamb and the interior of your door. The tried and tested technology behind the lock is often paired to help reinforce conventional spring locks or tumbler locks.

These locks function best when used in conjunction with comparatively thick and solid core door. When a person inside a room turns this type of lock manually, the steel bolt slides into position to securely seal the door.

They offer ultimate protection against potential break-ins and are commonly used in homes, hotels, offices, and businesses.


A new option of interest to many of our clients relates to the development of a new breed of electronic locks popularly referred to as “smart locks”. Options are available today that allow you to lock and unlock your doors using only your smartphone.

Although built for our modern “connected” world, these locks offer the ability to be operated like a traditional lock in instances where someone inside a locked room wants to manually exit. The ability to simply override any electronic programming of a “smart lock” always exists and so offers a handsfree modern option as well as keeping traditional entry/exit options available at all times.

The main appeal and advantage of considering a “smart lock” for your home or office is that with Bluetooth technology and a Bluetooth enabled smartphone you will be able to easily enter and exit your home with an almost automatic opening/closing sensation previously not possible with key enabled lock systems.

At we are familiar with the very best in modern deadbolt design and can assist you in selecting the best option available for your door and assuring the proper installation of this type of smart technology.

Before buying a “smart lock” for your home, make it a priority to pass by our conveniently located showroom to learn more about the exact details of this technology and how they can be easily paired with any new door or existing door.

The wide variety of high quality inventory available via our store will help you better sense the feeling of security your home will have once a properly styled and fitted deadbolt lock is installed at your home.

For more information on our deadbolt locks & latches, visit our showroom today or email us using the form below.

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