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Interior & Exterior Door Knobs

From Contemporary Door Knobs, to Modern & Eclectic Styles!

Our multiple lines of high quality door knobs are sure to cover all tastes and styles. Whether it be for the entrance of your home, country home, office or bathroom we are sure to have a model that you will find match your design style. As it is with all of our door hardware, we carry and display only the very best brands of door accessories at our store.

If you’re looking for a more nostalgic crystal knob perhaps or modern steel thumb turn knob, be it for the interior or exterior, you will be delighted by the gorgeous array of product we have on display in our showroom. You can choose products by shape, material and design motif. We carry one of Montreal’s best selections of high quality vintage, contemporary and modern knob design selections for you to choose from.

Wide Variety of Choice

Choosing the best door knob for your home can be challenging. As specializes in the sale and installation of high end doors and windows, we often find ourselves helping our clients pair the door of their choice to the best matching door knob. The high quality selection of gorgeous options on display at our store is a testament to the love affair we have for all that is quality door material.

Making Your Selection

The first big decision you will encounter as you search for a suitable knob is its intended use. Will it be used mainly to beautify an exterior door, interior door or to a door that requires both a practical and eye pleasing aesthetic for easy entry and exit?

Additionally, as the particular climate of Montreal can at times range from frigid sub-zero temperatures to hot and humid summers, exterior knobs should be particularly scrutinized and carefully chosen with consideration of quality craftsmanship and high grade materials prioritized.

We too often meet clients that have paired great doors with mediocre knobs. The result often ends up costing more than it would have if a high-quality door knob had been selected from the beginning.

Remember that a door knobs that are affixed to entrances of your home will have to withstand the impacts of harsh weather swings over the course of their life. In the event that you are looking to find a door pairing that will add beauty to your door, you will need to be doubly sure that you select the best quality for your budget to sustain the beauty for the course of its life.

Even under the protective shelter of a covered porch, assume this hardware will encounter bitterly cold weather, driving rain, and melting snow and ice coupled with heat and humidity in the summer.

Making sure you have purchased durable rust-resistant exterior door knobs can help reduce your annual maintenance and replacement expenses of your doors almost certainly over the life of your door.

Consider Lockset Size Requirements

If your chosen knob set comes with an accompanying lockset, make sure that your doors will accommodate the locksets size requirements before completing your order.

Although today most manufacturers utilize standard sizes and sell locksets and door knobs designed for pre-drilled doors, exceptions do occasionally occur. Attaching door knobs and locksets which require extensive door modifications to fit vintage, unusually sized, or institutional doors can prove both frustrating and expensive.

Visiting us first will assure this is not an issue and you will save the headache of having to go back and forth on your own to find the right knob.

Materials and Style

After you have determined where and how you will use your door knob and assured the model you have chosen meets all of your seasonal and dimensional requirements, you can then enjoy the process of choosing the most appealing material and style for your living or work space.

Whether your tastes lean towards classic or modern, you are sure to find the perfect model at . Our experience will help assure that the model you choose is paired properly with your style of door.

Popular Styles


In addition to the quintessential smooth round flat black iron metal knobs of the past, classically designed models often make use of decorative glass, ceramic, brass, nickel, pewter to recreate vintage style and emotion.


Commonly built out of radiant chrome, popular flat black and satin brass or satin nickel to add a modern feel.


Commonly available in arrays of different materials and colours ranging from metallic finishes to rich black irons to bluish-hued stainless steel, warm copper tones and silvery nickels.


Rustic knobs come in a variety of different materials ranging from tumbled white bronze to crystal and porcelain.

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