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Door Levers and Door Lever Handles

Looking for quality door levers online or in Montreal perhaps? If yes, then look no further! At we carry Montreal’s best selection of high quality door lever handles. Whether it is simple traditional style, something out of the ordinary or something few others will have in their home, you will find it at Porto Windows and Doors.

The quality of the craftsmanship of the inventory on display at our store is second to none. Our door handles offer beauty as well as superb functionality.

The excellent selection on display at our store all work with a multitude of lock sets. The included technology used in the products we carry is crafted and designed by the leading names in the lock manufacturing industry.

Only the Best for Your Home

One smart way to give your home a cost-effective beauty makeover is by installing fashionable new door levers. As an alternative to door knobs, door lever handles can serve as stylish design and décor features.

A number of manufacturers market these products with or without accompanying locksets.

Lever-Style Handles & Interior Design

Choosing to replace conventional door knobs with lever-style handles can produce striking changes in the overall ambiance of your home. For example, the impact of lustrous gold-toned handles on doors brightens and enriches the appearance of a room even if other aspects of the surrounding remain unchanged.

Some property owners utilize this type of quick door hardware makeover to accomplish rapid and cost-effective design upgrades to their homes. For example, if you select multiple elongated curving handles for your property, your rooms overall appearance will project a fluid and harmonious design due to the upwards and downwards arches natural to this type of handle.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, handles offer practical advantages too, for example being easier to use then their knobbed counterparts. They do not require grip strength, rather, they are simply pushed downwards to engage the opening mechanism.

Some manufacturers employ keyless entry technology with their handles, requiring people to enter an access code in order to use the handle to open a door. This feature offers convenience for property owners seeking to restrict entry to a storage supply room, a utility room, a walk-in closet, or a home workshop.

Door Levers and Door Orientation

Manufacturers used to create separate products for doors opening to the right or left side. Modern handle sets however frequently do not make these distinctions, resulting in the design of more versatile selections that are sure to fit your door “out of the box”.

While shopping at we take the time to explain how to properly install door handles to make sure that they are “handed” correctly.

At Porto Windows and Doors you will find that the collection on hand offers a choice for all tastes. Visit store today to see them on display!

For more information on our door lever handles, visit our showroom today or email us using the form below.

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