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Exterior & Interior Entry Sets

If you are looking to find the best entry door handleset to pair with your interior or exterior doors look no further than . At our store we help our customers discover what makes one set different from another. Why one is more or less expensive than another. All of the models on display on our floor are laid out for you to see exactly what goes into the construction of an entry set. By understanding a few of the basic differences of one versus the other, you will then come to appreciate the difference between our high quality entry sets and those found in big box stores.

Modern handlesets serve both a practical and a decorative function. As the final component that makes up the overall look of your door, a well paired entry set, and door will combine utility and style that enhances both the interior and exterior aesthetics of your door, while also securing your home.

The current marketplace includes a diverse set of choices that generally fall into two broad categories: mobile and immobile sets.

The common mobile handleset depending on make and model can either be turned like a door knob or be depressed like a lever to open and close a door. The immobile sets typically function by remaining completely stationary acting strictly as a design accent that is paired with a matching mobile equivalent.

Choosing Exterior Handlesets

Unless you plan to use them exclusively within the interiors of your apartment, condo, or office building, the handlesets on exterior doors will encounter contact with the four dramatically different seasons of Montreal’s weather system. Certain brands and lines of entry sets offer far superior weather resistance with carbon fiber and vinyl-covered metal’s that help provide a longer anticipated useful product lifespan than cheaper counterparts found in big box stores. Additionally, the security of exterior handles is always an important consideration to take into account. If your handleset does not also include a compatible lockset, make sure the products you choose will function well in conjunction with your exterior door locks.

recommends having a locksmith install your new locks whenever possible as this is the surest way to assure the best fit with your particular door. This step becomes especially important if you need to integrate a handleset with a digital or electronic lock system. In commercial buildings and multi-resident apartment complexes, the installation of main entry/front door handlesets frequently involves quite a bit more complexity than the installation of basic door handle.

Selecting Beautiful Interior Handlesets

All of the brands of interior handlesets on display in our showroom are offered in a wide variety of finishes and material. As well, many of them are available in colors ranging from bright red to lustrous metallic silvers and bronzes. Entry sets represent one element of your doors hardware that help make a bold and powerful home design statement!

About Locksets

Locksets supply an ensemble of products required to install securely locking door handles correctly. These kits usually include both the door handles plus any required accessories and hardware (including at least one set of keys or remote access components). Many manufacturers also supply fasteners and related hardware. The type of lock system influences the components supplied with the entry set or entry door lockset.

These products typically rely upon strong metal hardware. Customers enjoy the opportunity to select amongst a wide array of attractive metallic finishes, including steels, stainless steels, nickel alloys, and plated steels. Some locking key entry door handles do incorporate other durable materials, e.g. carbon fibers. These products reach consumers in a myriad of attractive styles and colors.

Select Locksets with Quality Lock Mechanisms

When you choose entry door locksets, consider the specific lock mechanism in advance. Today the marketplace includes both keyless and keyed systems. While you can include a mixture of both types of locks in your home, it remains important to understand the differences between these products. Conventional keyed locks used in main entry doors often utilize a tumbler lock mechanism. They typically require a key to open but will not stop working during power failures or lightning strikes.

By contrast, keyless entry systems frequently employ wireless and electronic technology. Many of these systems permit remote access to the lock. They sometimes operate compatibly with mobile devices to furnish exceptional convenience. In some cases, property owners choose to install back up systems for security purposes when selecting keyless locks.

The Diversity of Entry Sets

Manufacturers differ in the hardware included within individual entry sets. When comparing online selections many shoppers find it helpful to request a complete listing of the enclosed materials. If an entry door lockset omits attachment fasteners, for instance, you’ll need to obtain these extras separately in order to install the product.

Similarly, if you select a keyless entry door lockset, it makes sense to request specifications concerning its software (if applicable). If you plan on using your mobile devices to access and control your keyless lock, you need to ensure your smart phone or tablet can utilize any required software components. Determine the operating system specifications for the keyless locks you prefer.

Things to Consider

“Making the right choice” can often be difficult. With the countless amount of door installations done by throughout Montreal, you can be sure that our staff will help you narrow down exactly what it is you are looking for. Our experience with all of the finishes available to you, coupled with an understanding of the type of home you have, will help ease the process of deciding which entry set is right for your home. Surprisingly, by keeping your unique design, quality, and budget criteria firmly in mind, you will enjoy this process!

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