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Electronic Door Locks, Keyless Locks and Digital Lock Systems

Electronic Locks: Powerful Security Systems

The emergence of digital technology has led to an increase in the interest of electronic door locks and keyless locksets applications for the home. remains ahead of the competition in that we only carry the very best in class products when it comes to keyless locks.

Whether you are looking for the best electronic keypad handleset or a Bluetooth lock solution that will allow you to pair with multiple locks, Porto Windows and Doors has you covered. You will be able to learn about and discover the many keyless lock options available to you when you pass by our store.

Brief History on Keyless Technologies

Today numerous businesses and homes in the Greater Montreal Area use electronic door locks. These lock systems sometimes employ keypad access systems mounted on or near the door handle. Alternatively, property owners are using completely wireless key lock options to open and close their doors.

Electronic Door Locks and Keyless Locks

How do electronic locks offer effective security for your home? They utilize electricity as against the manual movement of the key in lock to securely open and close a door. The lock mechanism either shuts (or remains open) in response to the flow of an electrical current, depending upon the type of electronic lock in use.

Some electronic locks also employ magnetized components to enhance the effectiveness of the lock mechanism. Institutions with heavy doors frequently rely upon these types of magnetic locks to obtain secure door closure and locking. Operators can open or close the lock remotely by flicking a switch which controls the flow of electricity through the system.

If you plan on installing a keyless system it is a good idea to request backup entry codes for possible emergency use (e.g. if you forget your access pin code). Comparable to having a spare key available, this precaution may prevent you from experiencing a lockout.

Variable Prices and Backup Systems

The cost of keyless locks and electronic door locks varies widely, based upon the degree of sophistication involved in the lock system. Installing this technology correctly remains exceedingly important; you’ll need to ensure that the lock continues to permit access if a power failure occurs. Property owners sometimes install back-up generators to provide for ongoing power, or, they may use available backup traditional locks with keys to help secure property during power interruptions.

Ensuring the ability to leave the premises easily if the power suddenly fails assumes paramount importance from a personal home security standpoint. recommends an experienced locksmith install these devices whenever possible. Many retail stores currently rely extensively upon electronic locks in part because they integrate well with access control and monitored alarm systems.

Today the emergence of digital technology has generated increasing interest in electronic locksets and accompanying Bluetooth pairing entrance keypads. You’ll discover many keyless lock products available at our store and via our website. Find keypads, or keypads in combination with deadbolt lock security features. We even carry keyless handlesets for your convenience!

Digital Door Locks - Unparalleled Automation

Working in conjunction with mobile devices (such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops) this new generation of “smart locks” allow you to lock your doors remotely. Some Bluetooth door locks permit connectivity between the lock and Bluetooth devices, so you can communicate with the lock to log the time of an entrance or exit through the door accurately.

These locks offer valuable assistance to anyone who has ever realized they forgot to lock the door! They are also extremely practical for people who are expecting service appointments but can not be at their premises to open the door. For example, instead of entrusting a key to a repair technician or a maid, now you have the power to simply unlock and re-lock the door from a distance using your smart phone. You can grant special access codes to trusted individuals to enable them to enter and leave at will within designated periods of time. This technology offers unprecedented time savings and control.

Selecting Smart Locks

Since the capabilities of this new technology vary from one digital lock manufacturer to another, you’ll want to spend some time researching the specific products and software which appeal most to you in this emerging field. Many vendors rely upon the installation of a digital key pad near the door to permit the input of access codes to lock or unlock the door, although some newer locks delegate this function to the key pads on mobile technology instead. (By using a standalone digital key pad, you may reduce problems associated with online invasions of privacy, although you’ll sacrifice some remote entry capabilities.)

Locks which open and close digitally frequently dispense with conventional keys. Usually, it does make sense to retain a keyed entry system as a backup in case of a software problem or other malfunction. By switching to a digital lock, you won’t need to worry if you misplace your keys; simply input your access code digitally to unlock the door!

New Bluetooth Door Locks

One of the most attractive aspects of this digital technology for many customers relates to the availability of peripheral services, such as interconnecting the lock to Bluetooth monitoring systems. For example, retailers can utilize Bluetooth technology with beacon systems to accurately track the number of customers entering through a doorway over a 24-hour period. Digital locks with Bluetooth capabilities can inform owners when delivered packages arrive on their doorstep as well!

If you’ve already installed centralized home automation, you can usually incorporate digital locks into a “smart home”. Research lock providers carefully to ensure compatibility with your computerized home automation system. To ensure the correct installation of sophisticated digital locks, it may prove helpful to ask a licensed locksmith to install new technology for you.

Choosing the Best Electronic Lock for Your Purposes

Homeowners usually benefit by requesting assistance from an electrician and/or a locksmith during the installation of a comprehensive home electronic lock system. Today many required components for these systems appear online at highly competitive prices. If you do decide to utilize electronic locks in your home or business in Montreal, make sure you inquire about the specific type of lock mechanism. Will it open or close during a power failure? Also discuss the best response for safeguarding your property while still ensuring safety during a power failure.

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