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Sliding and Pocket Door Hardware

Finding hardware for an existing pocket door can be challenging. At we can help you find the right mechanism for the exact size of your sliding pocket door, tailoring your order to meet the unique dimensional requirements of your home or office. If we don’t have the specific sizes of products you seek, our customer service agent will find the best merchandise for your project via one of our partner manufacturers.

More and more homes in Montreal are coming to rely on the convenience of pocket doors. As we try to maximize the square footage of our living areas, “door pockets” become smart space saving ideas. Typically placed in interior locations, these sliding doors help optimize available living space without sacrificing privacy. Instead of swinging open and shut on hinges, they glide seamlessly into position, nestling securely within interior walls while open.

This brief article will discuss some helpful tips for selecting pocket door hardware.

Consider the Surrounding Floor Plan

Depending upon the floor plan, a pocket door entrance typically utilizes either a single sliding pocket door, or two interlocking double pocket doors. Since the wall on one side of a moving pocket door (in the case of a single pocket door) or the walls on both sides of the doors (in the case of double pocket doors) completely enclose the door(s) to fully open the room, builders do not usually install any type of wiring there. The electrical outlets required for lighting and appliances will most likely lie within other walls in the room.

As a basic safety precaution, before taking steps to install new door hardware, it makes sense to verify the location of interior wall wiring, however. Your electrician can confirm the wiring in the room won’t pose a problem during this installation process. (Due to the complexity of modifying the hardware used with this type of door, today most builders recommend fully installing pocket doors during initial framing and construction. If you do decide to replace the initial door hardware at a later date, consider utilizing the services of a skilled carpenter!)

Basic Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket doors supply both convenience and elegance. You’ll want to ensure these important panels slide seamlessly without wobbling, jiggling, or jamming. For this reason, consider investing in exceptionally well-manufactured hardware. The door should move along a track hung over the entrance to ensure seamless opening and closure. (The hardware differs from the double track system utilized with most sliding glass doors.)

For obvious reasons, a pocket door track requires level installation. Problems arise if the overhead track become bent or uneven. Investing in high quality products (including tracks utilizing rollers equipped with ball bearings) usually offers the best long-term value because it will significantly reduce maintenance and repair issues. Poorly installed overhead tracks enable pocket doors to slide ajar or close suddenly.

Enjoy a Truly Elegant Doorway

Today some builders have designed built-in pocket door closet and utility cabinets in customized sizes; you’ll discover a variety of hardware on the marketplace as a result. Measure the length and thickness of your door carefully to help match it to a correctly-sized track.

Although sometimes challenging to install, properly hung pocket doors promise years of convenience and utility. These doors enjoyed widespread use during the early decades of the 1900s. Recently they have resurged in popularity in Montreal, particularly in upscale apartment and condo communities. By helping to increase available useful living areas, they contribute luxury to fine homes and offices.

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