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Window and Door Material Options

carry a wide gamut of window and door material to ensure the most options possible when it comes to the design of your home construction or renovation. All of the materials we use in our doors and windows are the best in class. You will be hard pressed to find a more complete selection in Montreal. In order to offer you countless material options, Porto Windows and Doors brings together the best doors and windows in each respective material. Visit our Montreal showroom so you can browse through our inventory and better understand the importance of the door or window material you select for your next project.

Are you unsure of the exact properties of a certain type of door material versus another? Do you want to know the benefits of one type of door or window material compared to another? Perhaps you’re simply asking yourself which is the best door material period?

Whatever questions you may find yourself asking regarding your choice of door material and window materials, a visit to our store and chat with one of our specialists will go a long way in helping you sift through the panoply of options available! We will break down and help you better understand the wide range of prices of one door/window material versus another to ensure you know exactly what you are paying for.

Get tips for treating your doors and windows properly based on their material

While you consider the material of your next door or window purchase, we will offer tips and tricks for treating the different materials so they last a lifetime!

Choosing from the multitude of options available

At you will be able to learn more about and compare the differences between aluminum, fiberglass, PVC, hybrid, wood, wood clad and steel doors and windows as materials in the construction of doors and windows.

All of the materials used in the construction of the doors and windows on display in our showroom are the best in their respective class and category. If you want the best of a particular material available on the market for your home, you will likely find it at Porto Windows and Doors.

Options Available

Aluminum Windows and Doors

Aluminum door or window will offer a strength versus weight ratio making them the ideal material when it comes to the construction of large, expansive windows and doors. All our aluminum windows and doors are anodized to further increase their surface hardness as well as corrosion resistance and wear & tear resistance. All are available in a selection of anodized finishes or they can be painted with a durable powder coat paint to match the specific colour you design requires.

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Fiberglass Windows and Doors

Fiberglass windows and doors offer an excellent balance between strength, performance and durability. Their high thermal values and a high resistance to warping, with little expansion or contraction make them the ideal material for windows and doors built to last. In addition, fiberglass windows and doors are available in a variety of finishing options. They are available in unlimited color options to suit your individual taste and they can be painted with a durable compound that is formulated to resist corrosion.

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PVC Windows

The thermal insulation properties offered by PVC windows and their ability to naturally maximize energy usage (reducing heating and cooling costs) make them one of the popular choices for many home owners. They require minimal maintenance which ads to their appeal as a good long-term investments. PVC windows can be painted in endless color options.

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Hybrid Windows

Combining the energy efficiencies of PVC with the robust strength of extruded aluminum exteriors, Hybrid windows offer all of the best properties of PVC combined with aluminum making this material an excellent choice for home owners serious about the durability of their doors. Additionally, hybrid windows can be painted in countless color options.

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Wood Windows and Doors

Wood doors and windows remain an ideal material in door and window construction given the materials natural beauty and inherent durability. As a natural and a renewable resource it is also a popular choice for those looking to use renewable materials in the construction of their homes.

We carry the best selection of high end exterior wood doors and solid wood doors in Montreal. With a wide range of colours and stains to choose from and 12 different wood species available is the go to option if you are looking for the best wood doors and windows.

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Wood Clad Doors

Combining the natural beauty of wood with the strength of aluminum clad exteriors, wood clad windows and doors are an ideal combination of form and function. This door material offers a maintenance free, heavy-duty exterior while offering the traditional warmth of wood finishing.

Like all of our wood doors, wood clad doors and windows come in 12 different wood species. There are a number of wood finishes available and cladding can be done in an unlimited number of colour options all with a selection of anodized aluminum finishes.

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Steel Doors

Using galvanized steel doors as the material for your doorway will ensure your doors will be durable, energy-efficient and virtually maintenance free! Our selection of steel doors provide an extra layer of home security and are designed to conserve heat in the winter and ventilate warm air during the summer helping to control and reduce energy costs. Available in dense 22 gauge steel or the less dense 24 gauge steel, our doors offer superb strength.

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Learn more about the materials used in the construction doors and windows.

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