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Aluminum Windows and Doors

The strength versus weight ratio of aluminum makes it an ideal material in the construction of large, expansive windows and doors. The hallmark of aluminum casings is their ability to create stunning picture windows that span one or multiple sides of a structure across multiple levels.

Aluminum is also capable of creating Lift and Slide patio door systems to offer dramatic panoramic views. Aluminum windows and doors require minimal maintenance to maintain peak performance; they are rigid and stable, resisting expansion and contraction and are weatherproof, resisting corrosion and moisture, thereby ensuring optimal performance over time.

Aluminum Window and Door Finishing Solutions

Our aluminum windows and doors are anodized to increase surface hardness as well as corrosion and wear resistance. They are available in a selection of anodized finishes or can be painted with a durable powder coat paint, available in numerous color options to match your décor perfectly.

Aluminum windows and doors provide style, durability and are easy to maintain and do not rust, and they provide excellent weatherproof qualities. They offer comparable security to steel doors and like steel, aluminum does not crack or warp, and if they are dented or damaged they can be easily repaired.


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