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Steel Doors

Steel doors are durable, energy-efficient and virtually maintenance free. Our steel doors are galvanized to prevent rusting and improve corrosion resistance and are injected with polyurethane foam to provide superior thermal insulation.

Steel doors provide an excellent option to wood doors. They provide an extra level of home security and are designed to conserve heat in the winter and ventilate during the summer. All of our steel doors can be painted to coordinate with any home colour scheme and offer the homeowner an added level of savings on their energy bill.

Available in 22 gauge and 24 gauge steel, our doors offer superior strength properties.

22 Gauge Steel Doors

Our 22 gauge steel doors are one of the more cost-effective door options available to the homeowner. They are more durable than their counterparts with the added benefit that they never crack or warp, and can easily be re-painted if the owner decides to re-decorate.

24 Gauge Steel Doors

A 24 gauge steel door is slightly thinner than its 22 gauge big brother, but offers the same weather resistance and similar durability. They are also available with a wide selection of veneers to compliment your home.

Steel Door Finishing Solutions

Our steel doors can be painted with a highly resistant paint available in unlimited color options. A wood finish can be applied to the exterior and/or interior door surface and is available in 6 wood species including oak, birch, pine, mahogany, cherry and cedar. The wood finish is stained or varnished for superior protection and preservation.


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