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Wood Windows and Doors

Wood is an ideal material for use in window and door construction given its inherent durability, strength and natural beauty. Wood is a natural, renewable resource that is extremely workable, allowing for precision manufacturing and capable of producing an array of window and door styles with a warmth and elegance not achieved by other materials. Naturally tough and resilient, wood is dimensionally stable and resistant to moisture and decay, making it a quality, refined choice for window and door systems.

Choosing a wood door in Montreal isn’t easy in that there are many factors to take into consideration. Let us go over the different characteristics of both an interior and exterior wood door, including the specific components of each type of wood used to make them.

Exterior Wood Doors

Exterior Wood Doors Montreal, Porto Windows and Doors

Exterior wood doors assure that the esthetics of your home’s exterior will be without equal. Compared to other types of finishes, they have the added advantage of being completely customizable. Their durability is another compelling feature to be considered when shopping. They can be made out of a variety of different species of wood and the styles, in terms of final design, are endless.

Our selection of exterior door options is only limited by your imagination. We proudly offer a wide variety of types of wood doors so that you can select the perfect design esthetic for your renovation or new home build. Your exterior is the first thing guest’s notice when they arrive, choose from modern, traditional to classical exterior wood doors.

Interior Wood Doors

Interior Wood Doors Montreal, Porto Windows and Doors

Beyond its original functionality, interior wood doors are a gorgeous decorative element in any home. They bring a cachet to your interior and are highly customizable. They bring a degree of refinement to the inside of your home and instantly upgrade the interior feeling of any room they are used in. Without any doubt, properly selected interior wood doors bring an aspect of warmth and awe to your home.

We put the same dedication into our interior doors that we do with our all of our other door options. You have your choice of several different types of wood that offer a variety of grains and creative options so that you can fully realize your interior design concepts.

Solid Wood Doors

Solid wood doors offer superior protection and abides to the strictest norms in home security. These doors are able to stand up to the harshest climates while keeping interior temperatures optimal. They are highly customizable and allow the home they are used in to stand out, incomparable in quality, they are the absolute sign of achievement

Wood Window and Door Finishing Solutions

There are a wide range of colours and stains available when finishing wood. The components used in the staining process are generally applied twice after being emerged in the finishing. The finishing used in the process offers excellent resistance to the elements far superior to high quality paints. Maintenance, is extremely simple and does not require any particular knowledge of wood. All of these aspects together make the use of these doors an ideal choice in your home project.

Our wood windows and doors are available in 12 wood species with limitless paint and staining finishing options available. They can be painted, lacquered, stained or varnished.

Wood Species

Pine Cedar Red Oak Birch
Cherry Mahogany Douglas Fir Lyptus (interior only)
Beech Maple White Oak Walnut


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