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Now available! Loewen curtain walls

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As the official distributor of Loewen doors and windows in Montreal, Porto Windows and Doors is proud to announce that we are now able offer our clients the option of building or renovating their homes with the gorgeous Loewen timber curtain wall system.

Loewen curtain walls are ideal for high end residential homes that look to have unimpeded views of their homes surrounding landscape and achieve an architectural look for their home that not many will match.

The timber wood glass curtain wall systems we use provide absolute structural integrity to your home via their load-bearing design and construction. This lightweight feature typically allows homeowners to enjoy panoramic vistas while still sheltering them from the elements. From now on, home owners in the Greater Montreal Area will be able to include an attractive residential curtain wall in the design or renovation of their luxury home.

A timber wood curtain wall by the nature of it’s design fits perfectly into a variety of different architectural residential styles.

Optimize the use of natural light with a glass curtain wall system!

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At Porto Windows and Doors we are frequently asked by the savvy home owner if they ought to consider a curtain wall in the construction of their home. We have always promoted the benefits of this type of residential construction element, however we are now able to sell and install it ourselves.

What are the benefits of a curtain wall? One popular answer concerns the wall’s ability to allow a flood of volumes of natural light indoors. This infuses the interior of your living space with sunshine and can go as far as alleviating seasonal depression in some individuals!

People seeking a design that is open, well-illuminated will appreciate the welcoming atmosphere created by a well-placed residential curtain wall. While still shielding residents from the outdoors, it offers opportunities to present an accessible, versatile profile. This feature helps showcase eye-catching views of Montreal or outlying scenic areas of your neighborhood.

The curtain wall… a striking aesthetic feature!

Another compelling basis for seeking the installation of a wood curtain wall relates to updating a home’s appearance. This feature meshes well with virtually any floor plan. Yet it does promote a strong impression of currency and trendiness. Use a curtain wall in either new construction or when modernizing a vintage home. As an addition, it transforms the appearance of the property’s exterior as effectively as new siding. People seeking to improve older dwellings value the flexibility and the unique design advantages of this non-structural feature.

Add an extra barrier against rain

Curtain walls also offer some important waterproofing advantages. They furnish yet another layer of material safeguarding a residence against the accidental intrusion of rain or melting snow. These decorative surfaces help maintain dry, comfortable premises. Consider adding a lovely aluminium or wood curtain wall to bolster interior waterproofing efforts. As a long lasting, lightweight home improvement, this feature proves remarkably cost-effective to implement.

Install louver systems more easily

The installation of retractable louvers and awnings becomes much easier after the addition of a fashionable wood or aluminium curtain wall, too. Today, a growing number of homeowners use these types of screens to help provide shade in certain outdoor locations. Louver systems integrate well with many different varieties of curtain walls. Including both these upgrades makes some residential properties in the Montreal Area genuinely opulent retreats!

Trendy curtain walls furnish numerous benefits. From the standpoint of infusing a home with natural light, updating its exterior appearance, and minimizing wind impacts, a wood or aluminium curtain wall proves incredibly valuable in some settings. It also offers the practical advantages of protecting the dwelling against water intrusion and facilitating the use of louvers and retractable awnings. Real estate developers, architects, homeowners, and builders all appreciate these versatile non-load bearing decorative walls. The enormous popularity of well-made curtain walls in the Montreal Area today should surprise no one! 



For more information on how our glass curtain wall systems can help you in your next project, visit our showroom or schedule an appointment with us today.

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