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Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing outward from the bottom like a traditional awning. Their structure allows for excellent air circulation regardless of weather conditions outdoors. They can be stacked horizontally and vertically or combined with fixed windows to create custom design and function.

Designing and renovating a home is one of the most challenging projects a homeowner can undertake. What may be appealing to one person may be completely unappealing to another. When shopping for windows it is especially important to work with an experienced professional who will be able to help guide you through the often daunting challenge of selecting the best style, colour and material for your needs.

Considering replacement awning windows?

Awning Windows Photo, Porto Windows and Doors

These are the perfect kind of windows if you place an emphasis on ventilation and air circulation above all else. One of their great advantages of this type of window is its ability to allow fresh air into your home even if when it is raining. An excellent feature of these models is that the window when open conveniently prevents rain from dripping into your home.

In addition, this model is suitable for just about every residential architectural style. Their locking mechanisms are discreet and well hidden so as not to ruin the general appearance of the window. They also have excellent sound reduction properties and provide excellent thermal performance.

Awning windows sizes

Awning windows sizes are wide-ranging. One of the advantages to visiting our store is that we carry several lines from different manufactures. It is rare that a client comes to our store and is not able to find a solution to the window size, style and colour that they are looking for.

Awning window materials

Visiting our showroom will help discerning shoppers realize that like the vast variety of window sizes available, there is also a wide choice of materials available awning window design. Aluminum, fiberglass, PVC, wood, wood cladding, and hybrid materials are all among popular options.

Making sure you get the best

Interested in completely changing the look and feel of your home? Consider the advantages of awning windows. They will imbue the space with just the right amount of décor and taste, and offer all of the aforementioned structural and thermal benefits that only their design can offer.

Ensuring your home is designed in a way that is pleasing for many future years to come is no easy matter; however, having the right windows selected and installed can certainly help things. If you are in the market to buy new windows or are shopping for an upcoming renovation project, consider the many benefits awning windows have to offer. They are among the best ways to enhance your living space.

Purchasing a beautiful, elegant, and functional set of windows is a homeowner’s ultimate goal. Choosing the right window supplier then is essential.

Visiting will allow you the opportunity to see the various materials and size options available, but additionally allow you the opportunity of knowing all of the pros and cons based on your specific needs prior to committing to a purchase. Our goal is to make sure you have all of the necessary information based on your specific design requirements to make the best purchasing decision.

At Porto Windows and Doors we put an emphasis on quality and value products and the associated craftsmanship of each window we sell. You can rest assured that we have taken the time to filter and select on your behalf from only the best awning window manufacturers. The windows you buy with us will prove their value immediately, but especially over time.

Windows are available in the following sets of materials:

We offer a wide range of windows from the following manufacturers:

For more information on how our awning window applications can fit into your next project, visit our showroom today or email us using the form below.

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