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A bay window is a multi-panel window, with three panels set at different angles to create a protrusion from the wall line. Similarly a bow window has at least four adjoining panels forming an arc or bow.

Unlike other window styles, bay or bow windows have the unique ability to add valuable living space to the interior of your home. They can dramatically transform a home by opening up small spaces and providing unparalleled views.

The beauty, spaciousness, and elegance of your home can be greatly improved by installing the proper windows. Bow and bay windows have become ever more popular in recent years. Not only are they aesthetically more pleasing than the conventional square window that came with your home, they offer better insulation against the elements. They seal better and thus can help make a difference on your monthly utility bills.

Replacement bay and bow windows

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There are some basic differences between these types of windows. Bay windows consist of three window slates in angled positions. Whereas the bow window usually has four or five slates, and are curbed in a way that give off a rounder appearance.

Bay windows protrude further into the exterior of the home, leaving more floor space in the interior. The wider, more rounded structure of the bow design make them ideal for those who want to maximize the amount of light coming into the room.

Windows sizes

The size options of bay windows and bow windows come down to the number of panes you want and the angle you are looking for. Bay windows are three-sided.

However, you can get them at a 25, 35, or 45-degree angles. It is possible to get up to six panes installed if you purchase a bow window depending on the size of the room.

Bay and bow window finishing solutions

There are six materials used in the fabrication of these windows: aluminum, fiberglass, PVC, wood, wood cladding, and hybrid. The material and kind of window – bow or bay – you choose depends greatly on the makeup and general style of your home.

Bay windows are more appropriate for modern homes, given the angular lines and flat planes of their design, while bow windows are more fitting for older houses owing to their semi-circular outer structure.

Both the interior and exterior of your can be finished in the color of your choice, and quite a variety of colour options are available. You can choose from beige, white, brown, as well as other gradations of these shades.

Make your home improvement count

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Decorating a new home or making plans to renovate your existing home can create considerable difficulties in the decision of whether to use the bay design or bow window design. There are many design and structural matters to think about however one of the most important decisions will be on the quality of the windows themselves.

Selecting and purchasing bay and bow windows comes down to a matter of taste, discernment, and judgment. The style you choose will largely be determined by the qualities you are looking for, whether one particular model has the qualities you are looking for over another.

At you can rest assured that you will have the opportunity to see all of the best bay window and bow window systems have to offer and that are available in the market. More importantly our experience and attention to detail assures you will be guided to the best window based on your needs and budget.

Working with a specialized window retailer like us will make your renovation and shopping experience easier. Not only are you assured to find models which have the look and feel that please your design pallet, but we carry in our inventory nothing except the best in exceptionally crafted bow bay windows.

The renovation of your windows should result in your complete satisfaction. There are many decisions to make and working with the professionals at Porto Windows and Doors will help you ease through this process.

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