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Double Hung Window & Single Hung Window Montreal Image

Double Hung Window & Single Hung Window

Double Hung Window & Single Hung Window Montreal Image

A double hung window consists of slightly offset upper and lower sashes, which slide vertically inside a frame. Combining the look and feel of traditional design with modern performance, our double hung windows feature a tilt mechanism that provides inward tilting of the sash for easy cleaning or removal.

A single hung window consists of one fixed sash and one that moves vertically inside the frame. With only one operational sash, usually the bottom one, this window type helps improve insulation and sound attenuation.

Double Hung Window

Double hung windows are popular with homeowners. In fact, they have been the preferred choice of window for many for many years now. The vintage look they offer complement both modern and traditional structural designs. Additionally, single hung and double hung windows offer homeowners excellent choices in terms of versatility due to their design and particular functionality.

When space is limited, they are a great option as they help save on space since they don’t protrude unnecessarily. Other types of windows such as casement windows for example may end up protruding into or out of your living space.

Design Prominence

Over the centuries, the original design of double hung windows has help up essentially in its original form and design. Despite the evolution of window dressings in the modern world, the admirable design of those windows still stands out today as one of any homeowners best window options. Besides, you enjoy superior ventilation when you opt for double hung windows. Those windows open from the top and bottom sash, allowing for easy control of airflow in and out of the home structure. In more extreme climates, these windows will help you save on energy bills.

Aesthetically Adaptable

If you want to infuse a touch of class and appeal to your rooms, double-hung windows make the perfect choice. With a variety of interesting window designs, styles, and finishes you won’t have to worry about your home being plain or drab as they fit in and blend well with the almost all existing décor styles.

Additionally, if your home is located in a high traffic area, they make a particularly excellent choice due to the nature of their easy open close design. What’s more, it’s not easy to break past the double frames so they naturally add an additional layer of security over certain types of other window builds. Moreover, this type of windows is easy to maintain and can be easily replaced if ever the need arises.

Single Hung Window

Many homeowners ask us what the main differences are between double and single-hung windows. Before you select a particular style, you ought to assess the differences of the two designs to the ensure the best overall suitability with the style of your home or office.

The design of this window type is well suited for offices and apartments. The main feature of these windows are that the bottom sash opens up while the upper part remains permanently in its fixed position. Before you choose to install these windows in your premises, it’s advisable to check out all of the varieties and designs available.

Lastly, even though this classic window style has not changed over its structural lifespan, you should always assure that these windows are installed professionally. A professionally installation versus an incorrect installation can make all of the difference over the long term of the life of the window.

Single Hung Windows Are Durable!

Similarly to their double hung counterparts, single hung windows come with their own range of benefits. Durability is obviously a major factor to consider when making the purchase of a new or replacement window. It is important to verify the type of material used in the construction of the window you will choose. For example, if you prefer the look of single-hung wooden windows, you will benefit from the rich wood grain look only wood windows can offer. However, you may miss out on the practicality offered by other less fussy single hung materials. Other options of windows that last longer and require less after sale service include fiberglass or vinyl single-hung windows.

Easy Maintenance

Single hung windows are manageable when it comes to repairs and maintenance. There is only one sash that opens outwardly making it an ideal choice for tight places that need excellent ventilation. If you choose the right glass for these windows, they will boost energy efficiency even during the nasty months.

At , we have the experience and selection at our showroom to ensure that you are aware of all of the many options available to you before you make your purchase. One way or another, we will gladly help walk you through the pros and cons of each window type to assure that you make the best choice for your next window purchase.


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